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Mindtrac is a company founded by professionals who were associated with Indian tires and battery industry for many years.
JP Morgan provided the venture capital to start the business in 2000. The company focuses on the fast expanding Private Label market for high quality tires and batteries. Their global sales presence allows them to act as an aggregator and a reliable sourcing partner.


Over the years, Mindtrac has reengineered itself into a successful Design to Deliver (D2D) Company for tyres and batteries.
Leveraging on the strong domain knowledge of the management team, the company has moved deeper into the supply chain by designing an entirely new range of products, selecting & procuring raw material, buying & placing equipment, monitoring production and delivering quality products to the door step of buyers all over the world.


The company offers their channel partners total control on distribution in their assigned sales territories. Mindtrac practices a friendly sales and marketing policy designed in conjunction with channel partners all over the world. Mindtrac is known in the market for honoring trade commitments and has a reputation for offering sales protection to their dealers and enforcing a total non-circumvention policy.


All products commercially released in the market are “Quality Tested and Certified” (QTAC). This QTAC classification is therefore an important area of activity for the Mindtrac technical team. The team is cognizant of the fact that dealers all over the world strive to uphold their reputation through products with consistent quality.

Our Technology 

If it is Mindtrac® - It is First Class.​

Mindtrac has committed itself to ensure that all products in their catalogue exceed the service expectation in their specific categories. It is to this purpose that, products are classified as QTAC, “Quality Tested And Certified”, before they are offered to the market. For Mindtrac a product is classified QTAC, after it is field-tested for satisfactory service under controlled actual user conditions over a period of three years. Such products also have the necessary certifications based on laboratory test results benchmarked against the best in its category.


The company recognizes that Quality is achieved by shop floor culture enforced through strict adherence to standard practices. TS16949 certifications and TPM practices in the plant endorses the level of commitment to quality. All Mindtrac partner factories have ongoing quality training and up-gradation programs. Mindtrac is also involved in the procurement of raw materials and hence can certify that only standard & internationally approved raw materials are used to ensure the desired level of product consistency.


“Second Line” and “Appearance Blemish” tyres do not form a part of Mindtrac's offerings. Mindtrac has never shipped out mix loads of first line products and products downgraded to second line. It is therefore not surprising that Mindtrac enjoys such a high level of customer confidence.


Mindtrac endorses quality by offering manufacturers’ warranty for workmanship and material and in the unlikely event of a service return the product is technically evaluated and compensated for, as per industry norms. A detailed warranty policy can be made available to all buyers on request.


Social Initiative


In Mindtrac we are committed to produce an overall positive impact on society. We have collectively decided to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. Our concern for the environment prompted us to voluntarily subject our work life and processes to ISO14001 certification.
Through our constant endeavors to integrate social and environmental concerns in our business, and volunteer for social causes in countries where we do business, we have built a team of socially responsible professional managers in the company.

Mindtrac’s key social project is called “Gift of Sight”, which involves providing free cataract surgeries for the old and the underprivileged.

The Mindtrac team has responded to various social needs across the world.


  • Donating water purification plants for flood effected Pakistan

  • Volunteering at the Home for the Aged Sick (Singapore)

  • Providing Shelter Boxes for flood effected regions in Malaysia

  • Being part of the volunteering team to Tsunami hit Japan

  • Involved in Pediatric Cardiac surgery in India for Nigerian Children

  • Supporting Cleft Lip and Pallet surgeries in the Philippines.


Action speaks louder than words & a picture speaks a thousand words. We are proud to share these project photographs on this page.

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